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360 Degree View of Saugatuck and the Lakeshore

This is a 360 view from the top of Mount Baldhead, centered to the North. To the East the photo shows Saugatuck on Kalamazoo Lake and the Kalamazoo River. The river flows Northward and around a large wooded dune to the channel into Lake Michigan. To the North is Saugatuck Dunes State Park. To the West is Saugatuck Dunes Natural Area and Oval Beach. To the Southeast, across Kalamazoo Lake is the village of Douglas.

The full sized image is 32.5 feet long.               Viewing Tips             The Story Behind the Image

Viewing Tips for Zoomified Images

As you move around or zoom in on areas the image is going to look fuzzy, but only for a moment or two. Be patient as the image detail is received and all views become quite sharp.

If you use the buttons at the bottom of the image to move around and to zoom in or out, the refresh rate is faster than if you drag or click on the image. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up, down, left or right in the image. Use the Shift key to zoom in and the Control key on Windws or Comamnd Key on Macintosh to zoom out.

The Story Behind the Lakeshore Panorama

The image consists of 250 photographs combined to create a 360 degree panoramic view of Saugatuck, Douglas and the Lakeshore. The time it took to capture the images was long enough that the Star of Saugatuck is pictured twice, once to the west making its u-turn on Lake Michigan and then to the east coming up the Kalamazoo River.

They've been assembled into a single 936 megapixel image that measures a full 32.5 feet from end to end and is 3.5 feet high. It undoubtedly amounts to the largest single photograph ever created of the area. Getting the image ono this site required dividing the image into almost 20,000 pieces. The result makes it possible for a web browser to access and display only the pieces of the image as they're needed.


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