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Panoramas are wide, horizontal images typically designed to be displayed at very large sizes, some at 36 inches to the largest photograph ever made of Saugatuck at 36 feet wide.

A 360° Panorama of Saugatuck and the Lakeshore consisting of 250 images made into one. Available at up to 36 feet wide, in exceptional detail.

Read the backstory and see the image and a 1910 comparison.


Midsummer Solitude, Saugatuck Dunes   A tranquil July evening provides opportunity to stroll the beaches or hike the dunes and forests on the northern end of Saugatuck Dunes State Park.

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Walks Like a Duck, Petersen Preserve   More than likely a goose..... but, it walks like a duck! Either way, the tracks reveal recent weather trends.


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Poppies and Cornflowers   Poppies and Cornflowers fill a farmer’s field in late June. The cultivated field on the self-sufficient farm was plowed using a team of oxen. Fennville, Michigan

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Sailboat off the Outer Hebrides   On a cool afternoon in May, a sailboat passes between the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Windmills are visible in the distance.

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