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Over four decades I've created thousands of images of Native Americans, on reservations, in their homes, at powwows and all other aspects of their daily lives in modern America. Many were done as photo documentaries, others as a project I named Traditional Subjects, consisting of photos and portraits of those working to preserve their culture and traditions.



Slideshow - Portraits of Native American individuals, couples and families



Slideshow - Dancers and landscapes in various parts of the country with descriptions of the outfits and dances.


Sweet Grass Moon Pow Wow

Slideshow - The Gun Lake Tribe's annual Sweet Grass Moon Pow Wow in Michigan.


Wounded Knee, South Dakota

Slideshow - A documentary of life on the rez in the 1980's.


10,000 Eyes

Video - My five minute role at Wounded Knee in a national PBS broadcast on contemporary photographers.




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